Slide Fish sustainably Philosophy 2021 "Someday President Nixon and the other world leaders are going to find out that once they catch the last fish, once they cut down the last tree, they won't be able to eat all the money they have in the banks," (Indians Say Heritage Ignored, Criticize White Man's Attitude | News | The Harvard Crimson (

There are some variation of this expression and its origin is unclear other than that it seem to stem from American native people. The importance of gist of the expression is however is as clear as it gets. Overconsume and we will be those societies Jared Diamond talks about that have collapsed.

The marine ecosystem is as sensitive as that above surface yet due to our biological limitations we have less knowledge about it. What we do know however that going below the critical depensation level not only make fish populations go extinct but effect the marine ecosystem to which they belong.

Over 80 % of the fisheries are exploited and if we wish to have some fish left for the 800 million of us who are dependent on fish for our livelihood and function marine ecosystem we need to accept the limits FAO - News Article: Oceans crucial for our climate, food and nutrition. Limits in fish population and limits of the sea to receive waste.

For god’s sake can we stop throwing plastic in the water and help us help the marine environment so that we together with the fish in the sea can flourish within limits.

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