Slide Share energy Philosophy 2021 Energy is without a doubt the most important resource category of all.
As Loren Eiseley said “The human brain, so frail, so perishable, so full of inexhaustible dreams and hungers, burns by the power of the leaf.”

Securing renewable energy for all is imperative for prospering within limits. Considering being around 7,7 billion people on this planet and a complete equalled energy consumption would
(Energy Production and Consumption - Our World in Data) mean around 22 251 kWh per person and year with current energy mix.
Appliance Energy Use Chart | Silicon Valley Power

However if we want to have a chance of prospering within limits the of the planet it must mostly come from renewables. As Georgescu-Roegen remarked a long time ago solar power is our chance so let everyone have their time in the sun.
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