Slide Take responsibility for the whole not to big cycle of life Philosophy 2021 Being regenerative is trying to integrate the economy and its constituents in the ecosystem taking inspiration from how nature cycles water and carbon. It is about truly valuing the role ecosystems and their resources have for our possibilities to flourish.

The cycles of nature are a better metaphor than circles since because of the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics the circle cannot be fully closed, meaning that waste, even if it turns out that much of it could be avoided through reuse and recycled back into an ecosystem’s cycle, it will be a part of our future.

When taking responsibility for our ecosystems and their resources it is important ot remember that in a constrained space, nothing, nothing can grow forever, not even beautiful recycling circles or cycles and the different circles of companies will if they grow too much hit the ceiling of Earth. That is why a different goal for our society and our economy is needed as a socioeconomic structure that has enabling human beings to flourish within limits as a goal has no real reason to grow only to look for qualitative development.

These suggestions should be applicable to all stages of production. The responsibility of those of us who produce starts when we extract the resources, when we use of resources in production to produce products, when we transport the products to the use and when the user has used it.

A sort of lifetime ecological warranty for the production cycle that will help us flourish within limits!
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