Slide We are also kind and social beings Philosophy 2021 Limits in our brain makes cooperation a necessity.

And as we humans went from gatherers to farmers to industrialists harnessing the energy in the fruits we picked or the cereals we planted or to oil we drilled the managing of the increasingly complex energy consuming civilization this evolution of cooperation into human civilizations not only meant revolutions in communication from oral to script to print to electronic communications. These evolutions and revolutions changed human consciousness (from mythological to theological to ideological to psychological consciousness). Time and space compressed and changed how we human perceived reality expanding the central nervous system of individuals and society as a whole to include other as we previously just known as the others, making our ability to se others plight as our own, empathy, to mature.

Empathy is wired in us biologically though the mirror neurons and help our societies to function, providing the social glue. This is not to say that we as humans cannot be mean and selfish but it is an important reminder that we also have it in us to care about others and be kind. We as humans show kindness every day! When empathizing we are aware of the vulnerability we share and celebrate the ”common yearning to live”

The mirror neurons are also a biological confirmation of what we have always known. We are social beings from birth and even Darwin believed we had a social instinct. And if you think about it we are all who we are because of the relationships we have. And even our development of thoughts and reason, our language and even our reality is formed from our experience with other beings and environment.

P.s and even if you want to continue believing human are only selfish and this only motivates urgency as limits require this to be controlled if our goal is till "live long and prosper."
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