Slide We like freedom Philosophy 2021 Who does not want to be free?

Most of us doesn’t like to be ordered around by someone else (Unless sadomasochistic tendencies are more general than we think ARBETSSAMHÄLLET – HUR ARBETET ÖVERLEVDE TEKNOLOGIN) as we think we know our own interest best and surprisingly many times we do. Freedom makes us feel good.

However the times they are a changin where we are approaching the limits of our planets these limits will be felt by our freedoms. And as Tim Jackson says:

"In a world in which there are any kind of limits, certain kinds of freedoms are either impossible or immoral. The freedom to kill indiscriminately is clearly one of them. The freedom to achieve social recognition at the expense of child labour in the supply chain, or to find meaningful work at the expense of a collapse in biodiversity, or to participate in the life of the community at the expense of future generations, may well be others. The freedom endlessly to accumulate material goods may simply be inaccessible to a world approaching 10 billion people.”

So let us make our freedom great again in a way that doesn’t mean unrestricted possibility to autonomously act like a wrecking ball on other human beings and planet but recognizes the needs of all people and our fellow creatures and helps us prosper within Earths limits.
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